Meandering from Tennessee to Maine

We headed out to Maine with 3 weeks to get there. We stopped by and spent a couple of days with my brothers from another mother in West Virginia. This is always a good time and was a great start to our trip.

We rolled out heading in a general northerly course toward Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Unbeknownst to us, the back road we were on went right by Appomattox Court House… Well we do love the Civil War so we stopped and spent 3 hours wandering the grounds trying to imagine that fateful day Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant.

After Appomattox we headed on and found a spot about 10 miles from Monticello at the local Walmart. Oddly enough we sleep pretty well there. We were up early headed to Monticello for our 9:15 tour. To say Jefferson was an eccentric would be a bit of an understatement. He was also quite a collector (read hoarder here). The home and the grounds were well thought out and gave you a glimpse into the mind of Jefferson. They recommend you give yourself 3 hours to tour the home and grounds, after more than 5 hours we were done for the day, but in many ways had more questions about Jefferson than when we arrived. His life was truly a contradiction.

From there we had a great campsite at Elizabeth Furnace campground in the George Washington National Forest just outside of Front Royal Va. The next day brought us to Gettysburg Pa. We have had this on our to do list forever so we were definitely in Geek mode for this. We found a great campsite at Michaux State Forest near Pine Grove Furnace, Pa.. We spent 3 days on the battlefield trying to understand the enormity of what transpired here. It was intriguing to try to understand the thoughts and decisions of the different Generals on the fields…but the immense toll of those 3 days is hard to comprehend. If you ever get the chance take the time.

After Gettysburg it was time for a beer… So off to Yuengling Brewery for a tour and a sample or two…

We continued wandering north into New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire just enjoying the countryside and the small towns that dot this region.

We had planned to do a fair amount of camping in inland Maine but there was still a little too much of that white stuff on the ground so we couldn’t get to the sites we had picked out. We will be revisiting those spots later in the summer. We truly had a blast on this road trip and look forward to the one in the fall!

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