Cadillac Mountain (Acadia)

A Cadillac Mountain hike was on our to do list while here in Acadia. Our day was overcast but no rain was in the forecast. We headed out about 8:30 with a gradual climb to above tree line.

It didn’t take long to heat up and start shedding layers. We came to a few bog board walks that brought back many A.T. memories. The roots and large slabs of bedrock reminded us that we are definitely in Maine!!!

We had a few glimpses of the ocean about half way up but the sea fog was hovering doing its best to block our view. As we climbed higher the fog brought us into a complete whiteout.

We were a little disappointed with the view, but not the privacy!!! The best part is we have 4 months to catch the view but the crowds will soon be here! We really hadn’t given it much thought when we arrived in late April that no one would be here but we are happy it turned out that way. Next week we begin training for our Camp Host positions, for now we will keep enjoying our own private Acadia.

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