Happy Memorial Day!

We had the day off so we wanted to make the most of it! That means we were up at 4:30 because the sun rises here at 4:45…. We have been doing some bike rides on the Down East Sunrise Trail in the evenings so we decided to get in a good stretch today.

We started biking around 7 and had the trail to ourselves for a while until the ATV’s started to make there presence known. Most of them are respectful of us lowly bicyclists but a few blow right by leaving us in a cloud of dust. We really do enjoy this trail in spite of the ATVs.

The trail passes beautiful wetlands and springs working their way down the mountains to the sea.

By the time we finished our day we had knocked out 22 miles and had given the bodies a good workout!!!

Next up, as we were heading back home we spied a little antique store so of course we stopped in to have a look. A couple of days earlier we were antiquing and came across a cast iron griddle with a gate mark on the bottom. This means it is older than the 1890’s…. It had a price tag of $125.00 so it stayed on the shelf… Today we came across another one… $18.50 is a much better price!!! All in all a great day and we finished up with hot dogs, corn on the cob, and baked beans!!!

Gulf Hagas Hike

Back in 2012 we had the opportunity to see this spectacular gorge but our minds were on getting through the 100 mile wilderness and on top of Katahdin. Seems silly now that we didn’t do the 5 and a half mile loop trail but we didn’t…

Once we paid our 20 dollar entrance fee we tracked down the parking lot for the start of the hike. We slipped out of our warm jeans and into our hiking shorts in order to ford the Pleasant River. Lets just say it was anything but pleasant.. The water was thigh high and just above freezing!!! The last time we crossed here it was ankle deep and a nice sunny August afternoon. Safe on the other side we dried off and put our boots back on to continue. Our brains were so cold we didn’t get a picture of the river… which we crossed twice. Suzie did get a shot of me crossing one of the smaller creeks.

As we got moving we were passing leftover snow and ice waterfalls. The small ponds along the trail were also frozen over. The first falls we came to was the Corkscrew Auger falls. This was just the beginning of the eye candy to come.

We wandered through the forest heading to the gorge. We knew we were getting close with the sound of roaring water. We worked our way out onto the cliff edges to take in the view of the Jaws. Suzie wasn’t happy with my vantage point…

As we moved on the cliff walls continued to climb until we were standing 150 feet above the water below. The slate walls were just so impressive and imposing. Very cool!!

The trail just kept moving in and out of the forest onto the cliffs for more views. Each more breathtaking than the last…

We finished up at the Head of the Gulf where the gorge begins and then headed back for 2 more river fords before getting back to the truck. We are not sure why the Appalachian Trail doesn’t take this trail for it’s footpath rather than parallel it a mile away… Wish we had been forced to take this route and have this memory from our AT hike.

Mules with a view…

Note to self… Never plan a hike from a 17 year old book on hiking in Maine..

We picked up a book on Great Hikes in Maine from the library the other day and decided on a hike up Schoodic Mountain on our day off. We had breakfast in town at Martha’s Diner and then headed off to the trailhead… or so we thought. I put the mountain in the GPS and off we went. After about a half an hour we seemed to be moving away from our destination so Suzie pulled out the book that said we were supposed to be on a different road so we turned around and headed in the right direction. When we arrived where the book said the trail head was it wasn’t… No sign of it!

At this point Suzie went online and got the directions from the Conservancy and we finally arrived after 2 and a half hours of chasing our tails. Not really sure what happened with the old trailhead but at some point in the last 17 years it was moved…

Right off we had a great view of our destination as we moved along a forest road heading for the climb. Not long into the hike we came upon water across the trail thanks to the local beaver. He must have been hear a while since the Conservancy had re-routed the trail.

We really enjoyed traveling through the Maine forest for several miles before we began the climb. Remember it has been a while since we have had trail legs and it showed as we huffed and puffed up the side of the mountain. As it turned out the cardiac workout was well worth the view! The 360 degree view of the Maine wilderness was breathtaking.

From this vantage point we could see all of the mountains in Acadia and the ocean as well. We had a snack and soaked up the moment we were in, realizing these moments are the reason we have chosen to spend a summer in Maine!

Day Off Outing!!

After 4 days of computer work and some hands on learning we were itching to stretch our legs. Turns out the Down East Sunrise trail is just around the corner. This is an 87 mile Rails to Trails multi-use trail that also serves as the beginning of the East Coast Greenway that runs from Maine to Key West Florida.

The trail is closed to all wheeled traffic until the 15th for mud season so we decided to take a hike! A great crushed stone base made for easy hiking and we were able to travel at the Mule’s top speed of 2.5 MPH. Lots of birds, including grouse and osprey. We even came across several beaver lodges along the way.

We did an out and back totaling 10 miles. We have decided we will be doing some training with the bikes here. Before too long we hope to get a ride to the northern terminus in Ayers Junction and ride the 87 miles back to Ellsworth. All in all a very nice diversion from our camp training!!