Mules with a view…

Note to self… Never plan a hike from a 17 year old book on hiking in Maine..

We picked up a book on Great Hikes in Maine from the library the other day and decided on a hike up Schoodic Mountain on our day off. We had breakfast in town at Martha’s Diner and then headed off to the trailhead… or so we thought. I put the mountain in the GPS and off we went. After about a half an hour we seemed to be moving away from our destination so Suzie pulled out the book that said we were supposed to be on a different road so we turned around and headed in the right direction. When we arrived where the book said the trail head was it wasn’t… No sign of it!

At this point Suzie went online and got the directions from the Conservancy and we finally arrived after 2 and a half hours of chasing our tails. Not really sure what happened with the old trailhead but at some point in the last 17 years it was moved…

Right off we had a great view of our destination as we moved along a forest road heading for the climb. Not long into the hike we came upon water across the trail thanks to the local beaver. He must have been hear a while since the Conservancy had re-routed the trail.

We really enjoyed traveling through the Maine forest for several miles before we began the climb. Remember it has been a while since we have had trail legs and it showed as we huffed and puffed up the side of the mountain. As it turned out the cardiac workout was well worth the view! The 360 degree view of the Maine wilderness was breathtaking.

From this vantage point we could see all of the mountains in Acadia and the ocean as well. We had a snack and soaked up the moment we were in, realizing these moments are the reason we have chosen to spend a summer in Maine!

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