Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory

Fort Knox…The one in Maine not Kentucky!!!

Another day off so off we went!!! We didn’t have to go too far this time though, about 12 miles down the road to Fort Knox. This fortification is one of the best preserved on the New England coastline. Built from quarried granite and into the hillside overlooking the Penobscot Narrows it is quite the forbidding fortress. Construction began in 1844 and finished in 1869.

Suzie and I being the history geeks we are were like pigs in slop!!! We spent 3 hours pouring over every nook and cranny, enjoying all the architectural thought that goes into these buildings…. So much more than the forts of my childhood out in the woods…

We always find it interesting reading about the daily life of the soldiers. Seeing the living conditions of the Enlisted men and that of the Officers. Trying to imagine the concussion to the body just from firing the cannons while enclosed by granite walls…

The fort was manned during the Civil War and the Spanish American War but never had a reason to fire any of these massive cannons. The greatest challenge would have been from blackflies, mosquitos, and boredom….

Penobscot Narrows Observatory

Next up was the Observatory which is right next door. This is the tallest bridge observatory open to the public in the world. The elevator travels up 420 feet in 50 seconds. Yes you do get that butterfly feeling way down deep when the doors open and you step out looking down on the river. The views were not perfect today but we could see to the ocean and as far west as Saddleback Mountain 71 miles away. We were told on a clear day you can see the shadow of Katahdin… We may return for that!!! The price for both the fort and the observatory was $8 each for non residents. Another successful outing for the Mules!

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