Kayaking Patten Pond!

A beautiful sunny day beckoned us to get out on the pond so off we went! One of the perks here is the kayaks are free as long as no one else wants them… We grabbed two and were off to see what we could find.

There are two islands in the pond. We stopped at the first to have a look and scope out possible tent sites for an overnight. Much to our delight there were no mosquitos because there is nothing warm blooded on the island! There is a doable tent site so that is good news! As we wandered around we came upon a plethora of blooming wildflowers highlighted by Lady slippers.

We headed on to see what we could find on the other island. We had been told there was a cabin anyone could stay in overnight so we were eager to find it. On the way to the island a loon popped up next to us which was exciting and frustrating because the camera was stowed away in a safe place..

We arrived at the island and found the cabin…with locks on the door and all the windows…. Not sure what is up with that but we will find out! We wandered around and found a couple enormous shelf mushrooms! We made it to a sandy point only to find some butterflies hanging out on the beach. Suzie took the opportunity to take her first swim of the season also!!

We headed back for now knowing we will be back many times this summer to enjoy the solitude this area will provide!!!

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