Frenchman’s Bay Conservancy

We had been here before when we hiked Schoodic Mountain a few weeks ago. There are many more trails here so we knew we would be back! The hike was along ridges overlooking great views and through some beautiful Maine woodlands. No big ups or downs today, just a wonderful saunter in the great outdoors!

This area offers so much of what Maine is all about…Pine forests, mossy bogs, the sounds of Hermit Thrushes just out of sight, boulders the size of mini vans…… and mosquitos…..!

We meandered around for several hours just enjoying the total Maine emersion. We do feel blessed to have this opportunity and are doing our best not to take it for granted. We even found a friend out doing the same thing!

Another of the unexpected highlights was coming across a stone stairway in the middle of our hike.

We finished the hike back along the ledges and enjoyed a nice cool breeze working its way in from the sea.

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