First Light in the East

After our day at Reversing Falls we headed to the town of Lubec. We were hoping to find a spot to boondock for the night. We were able to find a spot just about a mile from the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. We are so far north that twilight lasts for several hours and total darkness starts about midnight. After grabbing a couple hours of sleep we got up and stepped out of the truck to view the stars. The view was great and the Milky Way was in plain view! Without some light pollution from Lubec it would have been perfect.

We jumped back in and grabbed a few more winks. We woke at 3:45 to see the first light on the horizon. I slipped out of the truck to capture the view from our boondocking spot. Notice the silhouette of the truck?

We headed on to the lighthouse to be the first to see dawn on this day in the U.S. We walked out a little side trail to a bluff. This location would give us a perfect view of sunrise.

We watched the lobster boats heading out to tend their pots just before the sun broke the horizon.

We hung out for a little while letting the moment soak into our souls….

We headed back down the trail to the lighthouse. What a beautiful spot and what an amazing life it must be for the caretakers who live there!

We also came upon the bell that was used back in the day for fog. Take notice where it was made!!!

On our way out we stopped in Lubec to enjoy the view of the fishing boats in the harbor.

With that done we headed on to the next destination for the day! Hiking!!!

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