Reversing Falls

We headed out on a two day jaunt north close to the Canadian line. Our first Destination was a spot where the tides move through an inlet at such a rate as to create waterfalls in both directions. Hence the name “Reversing Falls”.

As we traveled along highway 1 we swung by Columbia Falls. The rain from the day before had it a little muddy but still a nice little spot. Suzie found a great spot to enjoy the morning sun as well!

Now that warmer weather has started the wildflowers are in full bloom and we enjoyed them all along the way.

We arrived almost at the end of the outgoing tide but there was still quite the push!

We headed on to see what the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge was like. We were not disappointed. Some beautiful crystal clear lakes and some Bald Eagles!

After a short visit to Calias and a quick peek at the border we headed back to see the falls in reverse… There were a couple of seals playing in the current but they stayed just out of camera range. The power of the current was impressive and the fact they could swim against it was cool to see.

We also came across a bunny and a scallop I wish I had found alive! That is a big scallop!!!

We had planned to stay here for the night but as darkness fell the swarms of mosquitos were too intense. We decided not to set up the tent and to go ahead and stage ourselves closer to the next morning’s location…

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