The Bold Coast Trail

After our sunrise morning we arrived at the trailhead just outside of Cutler Maine at 7 A.M. We headed from the parking lot with about a mile hike to the coast. The usual moss covered boulders and slippery roots were our view until we popped out on the ledge. The same calm waters we had seen at dawn were here as well. The hike followed the cliffs sliding in and out of the tree line with side trails to magnificent views.

We kept commenting how cool it would be to be down there with a couple of kayaks pulling up on the rock beaches. We finally made it down to the waters edge before heading back through the forest to the parking lot.

The Mules were a little tired and hungry at this point so we headed back down the coast and stopped for lunch on the wharf in Corea. What a great couple of days we have had! Not to mention the weather was perfect!!!

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