Stratton, Bigelow Preserve

When we were heading to Maine we wanted to stay in this area for a couple of days but the area still had a fair amount of snow so we weren’t able to. These were the last big mountains we had to climb on our A.T. hike before Katahdin and we were happy to get them behind us…

We were planning on camping on a free spot on the other side of the lake but there appeared to be squatters there so we moved on and found Cathedral Pines campground and scored a sweet tent site right on the lake.

The view from our campsite

We got settled in and tossed the kayaks in the lake to take a paddle.

We were entertained by a young eagle for a while. After several hours on the lake we headed back to camp to have dinner and start a fire. We really enjoyed the stand of pines we were camping in.

We stopped by the local market/general store and enjoyed wandering through to see the amazing stock they carried. They could rival Walmart any day!!

Truth in advertising….

We spent the rest of the night enjoying a crackling fire and some good Pandora..

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