Maine North Woods

Most folks consider the coast of Maine as Maine. While we have enjoyed the coast the inland wilderness of Maine is what calls to us….shocking, I know. We headed out for an overnight on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway nestled in the Maine North Woods. Sundays are a day of peace in the area as this area is usually bustling with logging trucks careening down the miles of dirt roads headed for Canadian sawmills…

From the check-in point we had 56 miles to our campsite on these gravel roads…. 25 to 30 was top end but the slow speed did allow us to take in the views and enjoy the wild flowers.

You never know what you will come across in the back woods of Maine…

Need to make a phone call???

Once again we were planning on a wooded site but when we arrived the deer flies and horse flies were so intense that we regrouped and headed to the ranger station to see what other options we might have. The ranger was out but his wife was there and she pointed us to a camp right on the river.

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is a 92 mile long protected area. It is a ribbon of lakes, ponds, and streams established in 1966. These campsites are all along the way for those kayaking and canoeing the waterway. While we expected to share the camp with Allagash travelers we ended up having the spot to ourselves.

After we got set up we spent some time just standing on the shore taking in the view… and making friends with the locals..

Later we headed back up to the Ranger Station to visit. Suzie got to talking about canning and preserving and before you new it the ranger was handing her some of their stash. Suzie said” I cant take this!” The ranger said ” You already did!!!”.

We had hoped for a dark sky to see stars but forgot the moon would rise about midnight a ruin that. Oh well, the dawn was magnificent!!!

As we headed home we were greeted by truck after truck headed to Canada with full loads of logs. When you see them coming you better pull over because they take their half out of the middle. After the check point we came across fields and fields of happy potato plants.

We fully enjoyed our stay and are pretty sure a kayak trip down the Allagash was added to the bucket list!!!

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