Up to camp!!! Shirley Bog…

We have been lucky enough to become good friends with one of our co-workers who lives here in Maine. We have been even luckier to be invited up to his camp in Monson for the weekend. Not to mention his lovely lady is Suzie’s soulmate sister….. two peas in a pod!!

Doug’s camp
Marion aka “Mugsy”, Doug, and a couple of mules…

We rolled in about 6 on Saturday after finishing work at 3… Set up the tent and devoured the cheesesteak subs we had picked up in town. Mugsy and Doug had already eaten and had a great fire going in the pit.

Doug set us up with all the fixins for smores, including his super secret ingredient… Reese’s peanut butter cups…..Don’t judge… After smores we got the 10 cent tour and spent the rest of the night telling life stories. Good times!

The next morning Doug fixed breakfast and then we all took a hike up the dirt road his camp is on. Seems crazy but the A.T. crosses about a 1/4 mile up the dead end road. Funny to think when we crossed it in 2012 7 years later we would know someone down this dirt road.

We borrowed Doug’s canoe and headed for Shirley Bog in search of that elusive moose… We arrived about noon and started out.

We fell in love with the bog right off. The little wood ducks were working the reeds with their little ones in tow.

We made our way all the way until the water got to shallow to float the canoe any further… No moose… we did come across a large rock that made a great lookout and allowed us to view almost a mile of the bog. We hung out there for a couple of hours hoping to spot a moose. We enjoyed looking at the dragonflies and the pitcher plants. Suzie found an engraving from 1945. A lot of water through the bog since then.

Evening was closing in on us when we saw him coming out of the woods headed for the bog. From our vantage point we watched him move along the shore, cross over to the other side and head toward the woods… We thought for sure we had missed him but we hopped in the canoe and paddled in the general direction where we had seen him disappear. The wind had picked up and was pushing the canoe sideways making our progress frustratingly slow. We figured we had had our opportunity slip through our hands…. Just then we came around a bend in the bog and there he was…. having dinner!!!

blowing bubbles…

We hung out for a half an hour enjoying the moment before we headed back to the truck to load up and head back to camp. We had finally seen our moose… Well worth waiting for!!! We headed back and grilled up a great big steak over an open flame. Success always tastes great!!

Thank you Shirley Bog, not to mention Marion and Doug!!!

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