Canada / part 2

We awoke at 5 to boogie out of the visitor’s center and begin heading to our first stop of the day, Hopewell Rocks. We arrived around 6:30 and dropped the tailgate to have some breakfast. We finished up and still had some time to kill as the gates didn’t open until 9.

We saw a sign that said you could enter at your own risk after hours…. So we had a quick chat with one of the security guys and he confirmed that it meant before hours too…. We grabbed our camera and off we went. The 1/2 mile hike went quickly and we were soon standing at the top of the 3 story set of stairs that would put our feet on the sand!

As we hit the sand we realized there were only 3 other people on the beach with us. This is a spot that gets 5 to 7 thousand people a day and we virtually had it to ourselves. As we moved along the beach the camera was going off around every turn.

The entire experience was surreal. To think that in approximately 6 hours this would all be under 20 to 30 feet of water here on the Bay of Fundy… As we were making our way back the line of cars and tour buses were unloading the throngs of people to see the same rocks we had just seen…. But their experience would be nothing like what we had just enjoyed…

Little did we know that the mosquitos from the day before were the blessing that moved us on and put us close enough to have this experience. You just never know… At this point we were on cloud 9 and ready to move down the coast to Fundy National Park.

There are many hikes in the park but with the intermittent rain we chose a few short ones. our first was to Dickson Falls. We kept expecting to see fairies in this wonderland.

Our next spot was Shipshaven, a sheltered cove where schooners would anchor in the storms. This spot also provided a perfect spot to load timber on to boats for a journey down to market. The timber industry controlled much of what happened as they were the economic engine back in the day.

We went down to the beach and you could watch the tide rising about an inch a minute.

We had spent so much time enjoying the trails that we were late to see the tide rush in at Alma, New Brunswick but we had certainly had a wonderful time. We headed out on our way to Fredericton where we would be spending the next day working on Suzie’s Genealogy.

Stay tuned for part 3….

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