Canada / Part 3

Having had a wonderful couple of days it was time to get down to one of the main reasons for coming to Canada…. Genealogy! The New Brunswick Provincial Archives are in the town of Fredericton. We did some research and found that we could stay overnight at Morell Park close to the center of town so that was our first target. When we arrived there were 2 other folks set up in there RV’s so we slid in between them and settled in.

This park in right on the St. John River with a walking path to town.

We headed off for a short walk only to find Suzie’s favorite flower…. Fall Leaves!!! She was very excited!!

Back at the truck we were having dinner when we met one of our fellow campers… Serg! Turns out he is from Quebec and speaks French. Suzie told him why we were here and that some of her documents were in French so he volunteered to interpret them for her!

Serg and Suzie hard at it!!

After we had the documents in a language we could use we took a walk downtown to have a look around. What a beautiful city! The architecture of the homes was beautiful with tall pillars and wrap around porches. We circled a couple of the churches and made our way across the St John river on the pedestrian bridge that had been a train bridge before it’s transformation. We headed back to hit the sack so we could get an early start.

We woke the next morning as the locals were heading out on the river to get some exercise.

Suzie spent most of the day pouring over documents in search of some more family records and had a pretty successful day. With the new info we now had plans to head down river to St John in the morning. After we finished at the Archives Suzie asked one of the employees where we could find Poutine (French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds)

Happy Suzie!!!

After dinner we headed back to Morell Park to spend another night. We took another walk along the river and crossed the footbridge just in time for a wonderful sunset. We finished of the evening with a nice Stout at the local Brewery. We absolutely loved the town of Fredericton and would highly recommend it to anyone!

The next day we headed to St John and spent some time wandering the downtown market, the local graveyard, and the Loyalists Church. We also went to the church that Suzie’s Great Great Grandfather was baptized back in 1849.

St Luke’s
St Luke’s

We finished the day at the Reversing Falls while having lunch. We headed home after lunch as our time was up for now. We will definitely be back to Canada… We found the country and it’s people to be simply wonderful!!

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