Kentucky/Amazon CVG3 and CVG2

We are in Hebron Kentucky working for Amazon and filling the coffers. We were hired to work at CVG2 for 4 months in the Kindle dept. A couple of weeks before our arrival we received an email saying we were being moved to CVG3 to help them out during their peak. We have been at CVG3 since October 2nd and just had our last day there on Saturday Dec 8th… While we are happy about loosing almost 20 lbs. each, we are also happy to be done with the very physical workload. The best part of this experience was a pay increase. They were having trouble filling the weekend shift so anyone working a shift that included both Saturday and Sunday were bumped to $20 an hour.

Tomorrow we start at CVG2. Everything we have heard makes it seem much less physical. Apparently we will be receiving Kindles, unpacking them, running some tests on them, and repacking them…. Doesn’t sound too difficult.. We will see if this is the case. We are hoping we don’t get too bored! We will be here until the end of January so we are more than half done with this stop in our travels.

We have been at River Ridge Park on the Ohio River just upstream from historic Rabbit Hash Kentucky. Just your basic RV Park but Amazon also picks up the tab for our site. We enjoy taking the ferry across to Indiana to do our shopping as it is a lot more laid back than the Hebron/Florence Ky. area.

We will begin posting again on a regular basis in March when we begin our travels to Texas and then up to Montana!!!

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